Maybe the most powerful a class has ever gotten. Commentaire de Jushak Call it a twist of fate but this mount dropped on the first ever UP run I did on my warrior alt for the tank sword there, after I had given up on this mount on my main. A rogue and a dps warrior Blue: Addon pour les métiers. Commentaire de Leat Finally dropped for me today, been soloing since the day cata came out.

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Commentaire de Nobil4 he was too easy on my hunter, if your dps is anywhere around 80k or so just pop some cooldowns aatlasloot you will kill him before anything even happends. Commentaire de ApocalypticDrew I can confirm that it still drops in Cata, 45 Skadi the rutheless kills. Commentaire de Kyokushin Ok guys! I rolled 93 now, and just lost it again. The additional pressure will be a bother. Commentaire de azax a very saddening thing for me, being my favorite mount.

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Proto-Drake dropped times out of kills. If you can do the absorb 3 beams thing, enjoy. View saved quotes Close. I kept trying but sadly it never dropped again. Atlaxloot support client 5. Voir en 3D Liens. Since they drop almost no gold now, I’m not surprised, but I wanted to try it since I was in there farming my t4.

He dropped just over 3 gold, and 2 epics, one worth 4 gold, one worth 10 gold.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu

I got call to arms reward bag for zand random and got this mount! It does mean that every time you kill this bossyou have only one percent chance of dropping this item. I came in, he moved away chasing my pet I think. The additional pressure will be a bother.


And i win the roll, the bad news is at that time i can’t use that: But I suppose this would be a tad harder to get compared to Deathcharger’s Reins for example, since you only get 1 shot a day, and if you’re a pugger, you might actually get a fail group that can’t even get there. Commentaire de sahar I belive it dose not metter how many runs you do, it is half confirmed by a gm, that every 90th to th run atlaslooot the server in UP heroic it dropes, Atoasloot belive its metter of luck to fall on the right one.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Park yourself ahlasloot the green beam to rob him of his healing, and just motor through his hitpoints as fast as you can– cooldowns towards the start, when Perseverance isn’t numbing your damage, might be best.

O This was a few days ago and I am only about g at,asloot from paying off my debt! AtlasLoot Enhanced is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game.

Rogue Power Bars regroupe les CDs de vos nombreuses techniques et rend le tout plus lisible à l’écran. I really wanted that Red Proto-Drake so bad. This means Demonslaying elixirs and other demon-appropriate weapons, enchants, abilities, etc.

But I farmed for months to get my Ravenlord mount so I guess this is no different. This happened on each pass by he never actually did the breath.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Its what Blizz gave me. Slightly off topic but I carried on to the end of the dungeon since I was hunting for enchanting mats and I found king ymiron more challenging than the rest, he casts stacking debuffs on you and one of them can reduce your health back to what it was when ulduar was the progress raid.


Because some people might never see this mount drop, making it impossible to get that achievement completed.

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Commentaire de Divinehate There is no Feat of Strength for getting this mount. Grid Ils vous permettent de dispel beaucoup plus facilement. That may have helped, but as I said, he seemed to be on my pet more than me.

Dominos Dominos est un addon permettant de mettre les barres de sort, d’XP, d’actions, etc Commenter la réponse de alcha the hunt. Commentaire de Systex This mount drops from Skadi the Ruthless on heroic mode only, there are 2 related achievements to this boss which are pretty easy to accomplish.

Addon pour votre Inventaire stuf et retouche de votre équipements ReforgeLite Je n’ai pas trouvé encore trouvé pour la version 4. Commentaire de Morbius I soloed this boss today and didn’t get any beams. Il propose de nombreuses options comme l’affichage de la cible de votre familier, l’affichage de l’UF lors du passage sur un personnage avec votre souris mouse-over ainsi que la cible de ce personnage mouse-over target’s.

If you are taking to much damage just move away as he will be after the wolves and not you. I’m not sure exactly how rare this is but I know I got really, really lucky!